New Shirts
It is once again time for new shirts to be distributed. I am missing sizes for several of you. Please call me and provide your shirt size.

Also, we are still trying to get all of you either an apprentice license or a journeyman license with City of Phoenix. You need to get one of the above licenses in order to pick up your shirts.
All employees are required to have one. Please contact the office for further details if you need to get a current license and ask for Vanessa 623-582-1740
The following still need a license:
James Orris -- Jason Jackson -- Preston Davis -- Estaban Aguayo -- Adalberto Villa -- Nettie Cortez -- Manuel Altero -- Leo Bravo -- Don Crawford -- Nicolas Hernandez -- Sergio Iniguez -- Ruben Montalvo -- Abraham Munoz -- Tom Ohlin -- Richard Patino -- Landon Satterthwaite